Custom Microsoft Word Templates

Do you create the same Microsoft Word document on a regular basis? Then we can help you simplify the process.

Using a customised Word template can help with much of the work in creating a new document. And when you fill in all the data using a pop up form it becomes even easier.

Basic MS Word Templates

Our basic custom template solutions typically include:

  • Cover pages (if required)
  • Font styling
  • Page layout
  • Header and footer logos and page numbering

Advanced MS Word Templates

Our high end custom templates include all of the basic features, plus the design of a custom user form for you to enter data into.

It may even talk to a 3td party database or to your MS Outlook contact list. These forms use VBA macros to populate the documents.

The benefits of using a form to input data include:

  • fast and accurate production of documents
  • enforces company style and brand image
  • user-data validation

MS Word Ribbon Customisation

We can also create utility toolbars that allow you to quick and easily access your most used commands or user defined commands.

These can be customised to suit any business.

ms word ribbon

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