Web Development

If you need help maintaning your existing web site or would like to look at moving to a full blown web solution with content management and a shopping cart then we can help.

CMS - Content Management Systems

A CMS allows you, the end user to manage your own content at any time of the day independent of your developer.

Update pages, add a product, change a product price or respond to your contact form, these can all be done very easily using a CMS.

If your sell products, need to send emails to bulk subscribers or require customers to book events on-line, then a CMS may be for you.

I currently recommend Business Catalyst from Adobe. It has all the bells and whistles and for me, it's the best bang for your bucks amongst the many CMS's out there right now.

PHP Development

If your requirements are a little bit more specific and a CMS does not fit then PHP may be an alternative.

PHP, as well as other server side languages, are used to process information on the computer hosting the website. This is indespensible for operations such as:

  • interacting with databases (primarily MySQL)
  • sending email from your website
  • using variables for your website
  • building and facilitating login systems
  • performing image processing (research GD libraries)
  • uploading images, audio, video or other files
  • anything else that needs to be done "behind the scenes"

Web design

Whilst I am no graphic artist I am happy to design a layout for your site.

I use the Bootstrap framework to create sites. It has all the tools required to build responsive sites viewable in mobile phones through to large wide screen monitors

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Recent Projects

Fibre Fusion

A Business Catalyst e-commerce web site.

Soul Healing Space

A backend Content Management System built using AngularJS, PHP and AJAX

Soul Healing Space

Simple website for a new gift shop that interacts with a database

AMC Project Database

This web based database interface allows consultants to seach projects, companies and clients.